What is the Weightlifting 101 Online Program?

There are two different options to chose from: The first program consists of five training sessions per week for three weeks followed by one week of deloading. It covers the Olympic lifts with detailed technical warm-ups, strength work, barbell cycling and accessory work. The second program is based on and very similar to the first but consists of three training sessions per week. This is a suitable choice for people who want quality training but simply don’t have the time to commit to five sessions.

Why should I follow it?

If you want to take your weightlifting to the next level through hard work and attention to technical detail then this program is for you. It covers all areas of the barbell game with the goal of progressing across the line all year round. We strive to make the instructional videos and the written instructions a treasure throve of useful information to better steer you forward.

What if I am a crossfitter and not a weightlifter?

If you are a crossfitter struggling with weightlifting or if you simply enjoy it and want to devote more time and attention to it you came to the right place. The program is strongly by competitive crossfit and covers not just the main Olympic lifts but also all variations of barbell cycling.

What if I want to focus on weightlifting and not at all crossfit?

To be a succesful weightlifter you need to build a strong foundation of physical development and technical mastery. Here every training session comes with a detailed technical warm-up and even when the training is not strictly weightlifting but accessory work or barbell cycling, you are still building a bigger, stronger more flexible physique.

What it is not!

This is NOT a complete crossfit program and does not pretend to be so. It does not cover gymnastics, conditioning sessions (besides barbell cycling) or anything you would associate with traditional crossfit training.

What does it cost?

The price is €20 every 4 weeks, until you end your subscription. You can end your subscription at any time.


I have received many requests for a free sample, so I have decided to make the first week of every program available for people that want to give it a try before signing up. I hope you'll give it a try!