The 3-day online program consists of three sessions per week of Olympic lifting, fundamental strength work, barbell cycling, accessory work and mobility. If you are looking for a solid weightlifting program that covers these areas, but life is too demanding to complete five sessions weekly - work, family obligations or other areas of crossfit taking up your time - WL101OP3 is for you. WL101OP3 is very similar to WL101OP5, but with the weekly volume being lower because there are two fewer training days. The average session is a little longer in WL101OP3, but every session can and should be completed in less than two hours.





The 5-day online program consists of five sessions per week of Olympic lifting, fundamental strength work, barbell cycling, accessory work and mobility. If you are looking for a rock solid weightlifting program that covers all areas of the game and you are willing to dedicate yourself and be serious about your training, then this is the program for you. WL101OP5 is very similar to WL101OP3, but with the weekly volume being higher because there are two additional days of training. Every session in WP101OP5 can and should be completed in less than two hours.




WL101OP - Raw Strength & Power

The Raw Strength & Power program is a 12-week cycle, with the goal of developing an all-around stronger and more powerful athlete. If you are a good technician with excellent flexibility but often lack the necessary strength and power to make the lift, then this program is tailor made for you. Each week consists of five training sessions. Prerequisites for following the program are: (1) familiarity with fundamental strength exercises and olympic lifts; (2) at least 6 months of experience with olympic weightlifting in order to get the best results and to avoid injuries; (3) a reasonable notion of one’s 1RM in all the major Olympic lifts and strength exercises.




The Beginner’s Cycle is a 12 week weightlifting program consisting of 3-4 weekly sessions that are tailor made for people new to weightlifting. It is also an excellent option for people who need to improve their technique and should take one step back in order to take two steps forward. The first two weeks of the program are devoted to a PVC pipe and an empty bar, so that the athlete starts from scratch to build proper technique. Gradually, meticulous progress is made and weights are added. Nothing will ever beat having a competent coach at your side, but not everyone has that option - this is the next best thing!



WL101OP - Balance & Stability

WL101OP - Balance & Stability is a 12-week cycle with four sessions per week, targeting athletes who are limited by a lack of balance and stability in the snatch and the clean & jerk. Two important points distinguish Balance & Stability from the other available WL101 programs: 1) the exercise selection, which is carefully and consciously chosen to target a lack of stability and 2) the intelligent use of adding pauses to many of these lifts in positions where stability is best trained.
Another important emphasis in the program is building a stronger core through a variety of accessory exercises. Besides strengthening the core through regular hip-extensions, sit-ups, and the aforementioned pauses, the program incorporates rack jerk holds, 1,5 squats and sandbag carries. Moreover, accessory work is carefully selected to target muscle groups which provide stability for the competition lifts or support for joints that are especially exposed during the cycle.




If you have been considering signing up for one of the programs but would like to know what you are getting into before committing, there is a straightforward solution: Download the first week of either or both of the two programs free of charge, read through them, compare them, try a few sessions and consider signing up. Even if you don’t join us this time around, you’ll have a handful of solid weightlifting sessions, and it won’t cost you a dime!